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  • Theory
  • The London Mobile Learning Group's analytical engagement with mobile learning takes the shape of a conceptual model of a cultural ecology in which educational uses of mobile technologies are viewed in ecological terms as part of a cultural and pedagogical context in transformation.
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  • Research
  • Members of the LMLG are involved in a number of research projects around theory and practice of learning with mobile media. Projects, books and databases are part of their work in progress.
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  • Services
  • The individual members of LMLG are specialised in specific areas around lerning with mobile media and offer different services such as seminars, keynotes, project conceptualisation etc.
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  • Outputs
  • The group's output is available in numerous publications, and presented at conferences, workshops and symposia around the world.
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Seipold, Judith (2014): Mobile Learning. Structures, Concepts and Practices of the British and German Mobile Learning Discussion from a Media Education Perspective. In: MedienPädagogik, No. 24, pp. 30-52.

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Pachler, Norbert; Seipold, Judith; Bachmair, Ben (2012): Mobile Learning. Some theoretical and practical considerations. In: Friedrich, K.; Ranieri , M.; Pachler, N.; de Theux, P. (eds.): The "My Mobile" Handbook. Guidelines and scenarios for
mobile learning in adult education.

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Seipold, Judith (2012): Designing Mobile Learning in School Contexts - Considerations and Examples for Practice.

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Bachmair, Ben; Pachler, Norbert; Cook, John (2011): Parameters and focal points for planning and evaluation of mobile learning.

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Mobiles Lernen


Seipold, Judith (2012): Mobiles Lernen. Analyse des Wissenschaftsprozesses der britischen und deutschsprachigen medienpädagogischen und erziehungswissenschaftlichen Mobile-Learning-Diskussion. Universität Kassel, Kassel. ISBN: 978-3-00-040411-5; ISBN-A: 10.978.300/0404115; doi: dx.doi.org/10.978.300/0404115

Abstract English
Abstract German

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Refining Current Practices in Mobile and Blended Learning: New Applications


Pachler, Norbert; Ranieri, Maria ; Manca, Stefania; Cook, John (Eds.) (2012): 'British Journal of Educational Technology'. September 2012. Volume 43, Issue 5. Pages 707-832, E143-E152.

Publisher's website


Refining Current Practices in Mobile and Blended Learning: New Applications


Parsons, David (2012): 'Refining Current Practices in Mobile and Blended Learning: New Applications'. IGI Global. ISBN 9781466600539.

Publisher's website


Mobiles Lernen mit dem Handy


Bachmair, Ben; Friedrich, Katja (2011): 'Mobiles Lernen mit dem Handy. Herausforderung und Chance für den Unterricht'. Beltz. ISBN 978-3-407-62765-0.

Publisher's website


Mobile Learning in Widening Contexts. Concepts and Cases


Medienpädagogik Special Issue '19 Mobile Learning in Widening Contexts: Concepts and Cases (2010/2011)' now available online.

Pachler, Norbert; Bachmair, Ben; Cook, John (Eds.) (2010/2011): 'Mobile Learning in Widening Contexts: Concepts and Cases'. Medienpädagogik. Zeitschrift für Theorie und Praxis der Medienbildung. Heft 19. www.medienpaed.com. ISSN 1424-3636.

SI's website


Mobile Learning Crossing Boundaries Book of Abstracts


Rummler, Klaus; Seipold, Judith; Lübcke, Eileen; Pachler, Norbert; Attwell, Graham (Hrsg.) (2011): Mobile learning: Crossing boundaries in convergent environments. Book of abstracts. 21-22 March 2011, Bremen. ISSN 1753-3385.



Work-Based Mobile Learning. Concepts 
                    and Cases


Pachler, Norbert; Pimmer, Christoph; Seipold, Judith (Eds.) (2011): 'Work-Based Mobile Learning. Concepts and Cases'. Peter Lang. ISBN 978-3-03911-982-0.

Publisher's website
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Proceedings part 2 of the LMLG 2009 Alpine 
                    Rendez-Vous workshop


Proceedings part 2 of the LMLG 2009 Alpine Rendez-Vous workshop:

Pachler, Norbert (Guest Editor) (2010): Special Issue part 2 of the International Journal of Mobile and Blended Learning (IJMBL). DOI: 10.4018/jmbl.20101001.

With contributions from Christoph Pimmer, Norbert Pachler, Graham Attwell, Ambjörn Naeve, Theo Hug and John Traxler.

Journal website


Proceedings part 1 of the LMLG 2009 Alpine 
                    Rendez-Vous workshop


Proceedings part 1 of the LMLG 2009 Alpine Rendez-Vous workshop:

Pachler, Norbert (Guest Editor) (2010): Special Issue part 1 of the International Journal of Mobile and Blended Learning (IJMBL). DOI: 10.4018/jmbl.20100701.

With contributions from John Cook, Brenda Bannan, Erin Peters, Patricia Martinez, Margit Böck and Elisabetta Adami.

Journal website


Mobile Learning - Structures, Agency, Practices


Pachler, Norbert, Bachmair, Ben, Cook, John (2010): 'Mobile Learning. Structures, Agency, Practices'. Springer.

With contributions from Gunther Kress, Judith Seipold, Elisabetta Adami and Klaus Rummler.

Publisher's website


Medienwissen fuer Paedagogen


Bachmair, Ben (2010): 'Medienbildung in neuen Kulturräumen. Die deutschprachige und britische Diskussion'.
VS Verlag für Sozialwissenschaften.

Publisher's website


Researching mobile learning


Vavoula, Giasemi; Pachler, Norbert; Kukulska-Hulme, Agnes (Eds.) (2009): 'Researching mobile learning: frameworks, tools and research designs.' Peter Lang.

Publisher's website
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Researching mobile learning


Pachler, Norbert (Ed.) (2007):
Mobile learning: towards a research agenda. Occasional Papers in Work-based Learning (Vol. 1). London: WLE Centre.



SoMobNet - Social Mobile Networking for Informal Learning


MyMobile: Education on the move


MoLeaP - The Mobile Learning Project Database


The Mobile Learning Literature Database

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Information, materials and downloads from past and future events
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