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Book project with Springer (2007-2009)
The group is currently working on  a  manuscript for an authored book which aims to provide an overview of current debates and publications in the field before exploring issues around cultural transformation and rationales for the use of mobile technologies in formal education. The origin of mobile devices as mass media and patterns of their use in everyday life are being considered as a prerequisite for their ability to transform sites of learning. With reference to international policy trends, the book then examines current examples of the use of mobile technologies in school-related learning in relation to the themes of cultural transformation and technological innovation.

Book project with Continuum (2007-2009)
This publication aims to offer a topography of the current debates and to provide an overview for practitioners, researchers, students and policy makers of the pertinent issues in mobile learning.

Book project with Peter Lang (2009-2010)
Against the background of an increasingly mobile workforce, technological innovations and a changing corporate learning landscape, the central question of this book will be how mobile devices can be used to support work-based learning.

Researching the interface between emerging technologies, in particular interactive displays, and representation on learning (2008-2009)
Joint project with the Centre for Multimodal Research at the Institute of Education, London.

"And don't forget to bring your mobile" - Informing educational target groups about mobile learning opportunities (2008-2009)
Project at the WLE Centre, IoE, London. The project focuses on the dissemination of concepts and projects for mobile learning conducted inside and outside school, with the aim to provide support for educational professionals and stakeholders through website, online-databases and publications, and thus to support ‘at-risk learners’ in successful and sustainable learning. [Project description]





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