3rd WLE Mobile Learning Symposium:
Mobile Learning Cultures across Education, Work and Leisure

27 March 2009, WLE Centre, IOE London, UK
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We are pleased to be able to announce Charlie Schick and Kim Whittlestone as keynote speakers.

Charlie Schick is Editor-in-Chief for Nokia Conversations. His career at Nokia also includes kick-starting Ovi.com, launching Nokia Lifeblog and the Series 60 Platform, and providing Internet strategy consulting throughout the company. Prior to joining Nokia, he was an editorial consultant for various online and print publications. In addition to having written numerous articles for online and print telecom publications, he has written various research papers in leading journals and co-authored a book on advanced phone systems. One of his dark secrets is that he spent 12 years in basic Molecular and Cellular Biology research, reaching the level of Research Fellow and Instructor at Children's Hospital Boston, part of the Harvard Medical School. He has a graduate degree from the University of Massachusetts Amherst.


Kim Whittlestone is Senior Lecturer in Independent Learning at the Royal Veterinary College (RVC). His career started in Bristol in 1989 where he combined working as a veterinary surgeon with developing innovative approaches to teaching and learning at the University of Bristol. He has spent most of his career exploring the impact of technology in veterinary and medical education and helped to establish the Centre for Applied Research in Educational Technologies at the University of Cambridge in 2001. Kim is particularly interested in how students approach their learning and how their teachers, peers and emerging technologies, influence this approach.






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