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LMLG on twitter

The LMLG provides hashtags for some of their events and projects in twitter. Currently, the following tags are used:

  • #lmlg for LMLG
  • #moleap for MoLeaP
  • #d4dl and #LMLG for the LMLG workshops in Bristol 2013
  • #BETT_Show and #MMAFA for the LMLG workshops at BETT12
  • #MirandaModBremen for the MirandaMod at MLCB2011 in Bremen
  • #MLCB for the ‘Mobile learning: Crossing boundaries in convergent environments’ Conference
  • #telc09 for LMLG workshop at Alpine Rendez-Vous 2009

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printed: 03.26.2017, 17:33:41