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Key issues in M-Learning Research and Practice (due 2014)

Editors: Norbert Pachler, John Cook and John Traxler
Publisher: Continuum


Work-based mobile learning: concepts and cases. A handbook for evidence based practice (2009-2010)

Editors: Norbert Pachler, Christoph Pimmer and Judith Seipold
Publisher: Peter Lang

Against the background of an increasingly mobile workforce, technological innovations and a changing corporate learning landscape, the central question of this book will be how mobile devices can be used to support work-based learning.
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Mobile Learning: Structures, Agency, Practices (2007-2009)

Authors: Norbert Pachler, Ben Bachmair and John Cook, with contributions from Gunther Kress, Judith Seipold, Elisabetta Adami and Klaus Rummler
Publisher: Springer. ISBN: 978-1-4419-0584-0

As with television and computers before it, today's mobile technology challenges educators to respond and ensure their work is relevant to students. What's changed is that this portable, cross-contextual way of engaging with the world is driving a more proactive approach to learning on the part of young people. The title is due February 2010.
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