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Norbert Pachler: Towards a Cultural Ecology of Mobile Learning

‘Towards a Cultural Ecology of Mobile Learning’, by Norbert Pachler, Institute of Education, London

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Elisabetta Adami: A Social Semiotic Account of (Mobile) Learning

‘A Social Semiotic Account of (Mobile) Learning’, by Elisabetta Adami, University of Verona.

John Cook: Appropriation: the Adoption of Mobile Devices for New Cultural Practices

‘Appropriation: the Adoption of Mobile Devices for New Cultural Practices’, by John Cook, LTRI

Ben Bachmair: Pedagogical Issues and Mobile Learning

‘Pedagogical Issues and Mobile Learning’, by Ben Bachmair, University of Kassel, Germany

Info AERA 2009 Symposium “Outside in and inside out: interdisciplinarity and mobile learning research”

Symposium proposal entitled “Outside in and inside out: interdisciplinarity and mobile learning research” accepted for AERA 2009.
The Symposium will take place on Tuesday, April 14th, 2009 from 16.05 – 17.35 hours in the San Diego Marriott Hotel.

‘Pedagogical Issues and Mobile Learning’, by Ben [...]

Ben Bachmair: Curricular assimilation of conflicting mobile expertises into the school, a cases study on students’ lifestyle habitus and mobile use in media convergence

‘Curricular assimilation of conflicting mobile expertises into [...]

Norbert Pachler, Elisabetta Adami: Smartphones: a social semiotic view and implications for their use in formal education

‘Smartphones: a social semiotic view and implications for their use in formal education’, by Norbert Pachler, Institute [...]

John Cook: Appropriation of mobile phones for learning

‘Appropriation of mobile phones for learning’, by John Cook, LTRI

Info CAL 2009 Symposium “Outside in, inside out? Digital media as cultural resources for learning”

Symposium proposal entitled “Outside in, inside out? Digital media as cultural resources for learning” accepted for CAL 09 (Convenor: John Cook).
The Symposium will take place on Monday, March 23rd, 2009 from 13.15 – 14.35 hours in the Hilton Metropole Brighton.
Individual papers accepted as part of [...]

Charlie Schick: What will the future of scientific publishing look like?

Physically-based content-centred publishers, such as in music, books, film, and news have been struggling to adjust to radical changes brought on by digitisation of content, the spread of the Web, and the decentralisation of the creation and distribution of content. The publishers of scientific journals are just one more traditional print-based business built around the [...]

Kim Whittlestone: Principles behind the Mobile Killer Application in Education

Designing effective mobile applications for education is challenging, especially when students are situated in remote locations or complex workplaces. Many research projects in this field report on the difficulties encountered by users. Our experience has been that research findings are often confusing and sometimes conflicting. This paper attempts to move beyond the issues and to [...]

Judith Seipold: Mo-LeaP – The mobile learning projects database

This poster/demonstration aims to introduce Mo-LeaP - the mobile learning projects database (a service provided by the London Mobile Learning Group [LMLG] via, which is a public and free of charge online database for people interested in mobile learning practice and theories. Projects, applications, projects resources, and reviews of them can be submitted [...]

Markku Rissanen: Active and inclusive m-learning by mobile phones

This paper is mainly supposed to awaken fresh ideas and new point of views how do we see and comprehend learning while the flood of information is passing by. As far as I can see the current has been too strong at least for two decades to be controlled by any administrator or politican. Should [...]

Agnes Kukulska-Hulme: Mobility in mobile learning: have we only scratched the surface?

Mobility is at the heart of mobile learning, but we do not yet fully understand its implications. If mobility is ascribed, a priori, a positive value, then how does that influence our understanding of the potential of mobile learning? It is argued that we need to re-examine, in a mobile age, received wisdom concerning the [...]

Jocelyn Wishart, David Green: Emerging Issues in Mobile Learning: Future Scenarios for Work Based Learning

This paper describes the scenarios generated in one of a series of discussion workshops exploring visions of how mobile and pervasive technologies and devices will influence the future practice of students and staff in Higher Education and Further Education. This particular workshop focused on work based learning for students on placement, for example in industrial, [...]

Mark A.M. Kramer: Deciphering the Future of Learning Through Daily Observation

The research presented here will share the insights and results that have developed from a doctoral study in progress, which examines individual and group study habits & learning practices. The results of this study provide foresight into emergent practices regarding formal and informal study/learning contexts. Furthermore, this research demonstrates that the future of learning [...]

Eduarda Ferreira: Does school fit in mobile phones? The whole world does

This paper presents the theoretical background and the design concept of a teacher support online discussion board “mSchool” that aims to promote and facilitate the use of mobile phones as a curricular resource. The focus is on educational applications that can be implemented with students’ mobile phones and with no additional costs.
The project guidelines are [...]