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Design Patterns For Mobile Learning
Art der Publikation: Artikel in Sammelband
Zitat: Winters2007a
Buchtitel: Beyond Mobile Learning: Workshop: The CSCL Alpine Rendez-Vous
Jahr: 2007
Seiten: 71--0
Verlag: Dublin Press
Ort: Dublin
Notiz: Winters 2007 - DESIGN PATTERNS FOR MOBILE LEARNING k, 27.05.2007
ISBN: 1871408482
Querverweis: Arnedillo-SanchezSharples2007:
URL: http://mlearning.noe-kaleidosc...
Abriss: Designing mobile learning experiences is a complex task, requiring the assimilation and integration of deep knowledge from educators, researchers, practitioners, designers and software developers. While each party may have expertise in several of the associated knowledge domains, no single party has expertise in all of them. The complexity of each of the various bodies of knowledge means that it is often hard to communicate ideas, with each community having developed its own lore and jargon. We promote the use of design patterns to address this problem and argue that design patterns hold a powerful promise for recording, calibrating and collaboratively refining expert knowledge. In general, a design pattern is defined as a high-level specification for a method of solving a problem by design. Its particular strength is in highlighting recurring techniques and solutions to design problems that are found again and again in real world mobile application development. Design patterns enable this process of knowledge discovery by specifying the particulars of a problem, and how the designated design instruments can address them. Patterns are flexible enough to address a very broad spectrum of practice, from in-depth technical development to deployment issues in classrooms and elsewhere. In this talk, we explicitly focus on how to construct design patterns by reflecting on our experiences, emphasising the interdependent relationship between design and deployment for mobile learning. Initial results indicate that while patterns capture solutions to generalisable problems, learning to think about practices in an abstracted way, in order to development patterns, requires significant scaffolding.
Autoren Winters, Niall
Herausgeber Arnedillo-Sánchez, Inmaculada
Sharples, Mike
Vavoula, Giasemi
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