Administrator of this installation: Admin
URL of this installation: http://www.londonmobilelearning.net/aigaion2/
PHP version: 5.2.17
Aigaion Database Version: V2.21
Based on the CodeIgniter framework

Version history
Types of update
Version bugfix features layout security Description
Backup restore function is back -- It is now possible again to restore
old backups by entering the originally exported backup data into the
restore function from the maintenance page.
Performance improvement -- several libraries have been improved to
optimize the database access and speed up paginated display of large
lists of publications.
Internationalisation -- Aigaion now officialy has multi-language
support. Four languages are immediately available in this release,
thanks to the hard work of Manuel Strehl, and the translators mentioned
on the translation wiki: Norwegian, German, English and Dutch.
Keyword clouds -- Topic and author pages now show keyword clouds, with different
font sizes for the keywords depending on how important they are in the
publications under a certain topic or for a certain author.
BibTeX to UTF8 conversion -- We have extended and improved the
BibTeX2UTF8 conversions (and the other way around). In addition, we have
written a set of testing functions to spot recurring bugs easier.
This was supported by heavy testing from Peter Mosses.
Import: better feedback and input checking -- The input data entered in
the import screen is tested more thoroughly for certain problems, and if
the import fails, a better feedback message is given.
TinyMCE editor for editing notes -- It is now possible to edit notes
using the great editor TinyMCE, which allows a WYSIWYG basic formatting
interface. To enable it, check the box in the configuration screen.
IE display cleanup -- Many display issues in Internet Explorer were fixed
Documentation -- We have extended the in-code documentation and the
documentation on the Wiki pages
New CodeIgniter version -- Thanks to the help of Dennis Allerkamp,
Aigaion now runs on CodeIgniter version 1.7
Aigaion 2.1.1 is a bug fix release.
Aigaion 2.1 is the first non-beta version of Aigaion.

Besides solving a few security issues, it contains a multitude of new features and existing features have been improved in many ways.
Some examples are:
- export via email
- major improvements in the bibtex import facilities
- new handling of bibtex special characters, allowing many new characters and making it very simple to add new characters in the future
- an improved and more stable login module
- advanced search capabilities

But there are also countless other improvements both small and large!

Many thanks to our users who contributed ideas, code and extensive testing sessions!
2.0.2.betaMany bug fixes.
2.0.1.betaThe first bug reports on the beta release are fixed. Furthermore, automated install scripts have been added to the release.
Aigaion 2.0 introduces many new features, among which:

Customizable access levels (public, intern, private) for publications, topics, notes and attachments
Improved import and export code
User group management
Better support for guest users
Modules for integrating login management with other systems such as wiki or CMS systems
Persistent bookmark lists
Improved topic assignment for publications
Better update management
Flexible sort options for publication list display