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    author = {Buckingham, David and Scanlon, Margaret},
     month = {0},
     title = {Connecting the family?: 'Edutainment' Websites and Learning in the Home},
    volume = {4},
    number = {2/3},
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     pages = {271--291},
      note = {Buckingham, Scanlon 2004 - Connecting the family 'Edutainment' Websites and Learning in the Home file:///Buckingham&Scanlon;_2004.pdf js, 21.05.2007},
  abstract = {This article outlines some approaches to analysing educational websites designed for use in the home. It compares two British sites, Gridclub and Spark Island, aimed at children in the 7-11 age group. The article presents a method of pedagogic analysis focusing on three dimensions: multimodality, navigation and interactivity. It then considers how learners are addressed by the two sites, identifying their attempts to 'personalise' learning, and the contrasting ways in which the child learner is defined. Finally, the article considers how the two sites use game formats in the context of teaching mathematics: it argues that mathematical content is often divorced from the context in which it is situated, leading to a relatively mechanical approach to learning. The limitations of these sites are seen as symptomatic of broader difficulties in combining 'education' and 'entertainment'.}